Made for You

(and Them)


Made for You

(and Them)


Who We Are

Schär knows food is best enjoyed with others. That’s why we not only make delicious foods for those who suffer from gluten intolerances, but also the people they choose to enjoy them with. Because we know this dietary need doesn’t just effect the person who has it. It effects the people they love–and eat with, too.

Quality Management & Control

At Schär, we want you to live in each happy moment without restriction. That’s why for 3 decades, we’ve been dedicated to helping people think less about gluten. How are we able to achieve such high standards? Through effective quality management and control. This means we take complete control over the cultivation and harvesting of our grains by working closely with expert farmers who grow certified gluten free grains just for us.


So, Why Sourdough?

The simple answer is sourdough tastes better. But it also allows our bread to stay fresh for longer and enriches it with enzymes and vitamins that make it healthier and easier to digest. So the better question is… why NOT sourdough?!


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